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About "Wolfsbane"

This is a story about descending to a dark headspace. We are seeking to tell a story about the nuances of what it’s like to live with something like depression. We want to depict that there is no definitive “fix” or “cure” for it; depression sticks around. And there’s a way that depression can be dangerously alluring and can tempt you to return to it, or to fully embrace it.

Early Exploration


While mental illness is a fairly common subject for metaphors in the media, Wolfsbane focuses on aspects of depression that we felt were somewhat overlooked in pop culture’s depictions. The way it scratches away at your psyche, gnaws at your protests. It changes how you perceive the world, sometimes so slowly that you’re not even aware until you're so far in you don’t know how to get out. And sometimes you don’t want to.


Thank you to

Jeffrey Sangalli

David Yee

The Shrunkenheadman Club

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Thanks for reading!


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We're selling Wolfsbane sticker sheets and donating all profits to Mental Health America!

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